2-Week Class with Adrienne Stern, Adrienne Stern Casting

Casting Director


Dates: Sundays, February 17th and 24th 2019
Time: 2PM - 5PM

Location: AGR, 15 West 28th Street, 9th Floor, NYC 10001

*multiple discounts cannot be combined
limited to 16 students

Ages 13 and up
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CD's will view headshots and resumes while student is performing but each student must collect their headshot and resume after they have finished.

Class Format
Week 1: Casting for Film The Audition
This will be an on camera session. Each student will have received prior to the class sides and a script from a film I have cast. The student will audition with the sides. They will be taped. I will give feedback and adjustments. We will run thru the entire audition process of receiving the material, walking into the room and being able to give a great audition.  This will be a time where we are able to really improve upon our technique, learn about what a casting director and producer are looking for and why you did or did not give a good audition. How to stand out from the rest of the talent.

Week 2: Casting the small film
This will be an on Camera session. Together we will cast a small film, each student will have the script and sides ahead of time.  We will discuss the process from start to finish.  We will as a group watch our fellow actors, give adjustments and feedback and proceed to the callbacks and decide why we make the choices we do.  This should be a fun and lively exercise and give a better understanding to the process as a whole.

Adrienne will provide sides for both classes.

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About Adrienne

With top agency and management relationships, Adrienne Stern is known for working closely with Directors and Producers to secure the types of casts that open doors to major film festivals and distribution packages. Her films have premiered at Sundance, Toronto, Cannes, Tribeca, Berlin, South by Southwest, Seattle and many other prominent film festivals, many taking home prestigious awards.

Some recent and current projects include Pulitzer for PBS starring Live Schrieber and Tim Blake Nelson, Studio Visit starring Tania Raymonde and Patti Lupone, Aleppo Starring Letitia Eido, Amish Witches The True Story of Holmes County for Lifetime. Discovery Investigation Village of The Damned, I Witness for The Discovery Channel ABC, Keep The Change winner of the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, Dementia 13 the remake of Francis Ford Coppola’s original film which will open nationwide distributed by Universal, CSA Artios for “YOUTH” best short film 2017, Coming Soon The First (The Mary Pickford Bio Pic), and AWOL, Eyes, and Seven Lovers were all released in 2016/2017”
Past films premiering at The Sundance Film Festival include Broken English (directed by Zoe Cassavetes, starring Parker Posey and Drea de Matteo), Adrift in Manhattan (directed by Alfredo De Villa, starring Heather Graham, Victor Rasuk, William Baldwin, and Dominic Chianese), The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (starring Natasha Lyonne, Marshall Allman, Tania Raymonde and Vince Vieluf), Girlstown (starring Lili Taylor), The Believer (starring Ryan Gosling), Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (starring Matthew McConaughey and John Turturro), Whatever, Online, Bleach, and This Revolution.

Elektric Children starring Julia Garner, Rory Culkin, Liam Aiken, and John Patrick Amedori premiered at Berlin 2012 and SXSW 2012, AFM 2012, Hampton's and Woodstock 2012 Happy New Year premiered at South by Southwest in 2010 and premiered at the 2011 Hamptons Film Festival.  2012 also included The Kill Hole starring Chadwick Boseman at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Hellbenders premiere at TIFF, Elektric Children at Hamptons and Woodstock and Archeology of a Woman at Woodstock.

Films that have premiered at Tribeca include Keep The Change Burn Country starring Dominc Reins, Melissa Leo and James Franco, AWOL starring Lola Kirke and Breeda Wohl and Lucky Them starring Toni Collette and Thomas Hayden Church.
Television credits include the New York casting for That 70’s Show, where she was responsible for casting Ashton Kutcher, Welcome to Greenpoint for FX and CopShow running now on L/Studio (http://www.lstudio.com/cop-show).  CopShow stars and is by Colin Quinn. She also recently cast two seasons the Cinemax series A Girl's Guide to Depravity

Ms. Stern has also worked on various commercials, including Five Dove Real Beauty Campaign, LaMer, Samsung ,Philips Norelco, Amex, D'Angelo, Kool-aid and has cast well over 250 commercials to date.

Ms. Stern was the Casting Director of The New York Sundance Writers Lab Reading Series from 1996-2005, and has been on both the selection committee and jury for the Gen Art Film Festival. She is a member of BAFTA, IFP, CSA, Slated, New York Women in Film and Television and Ensemble Studio Theatre. And sits on the Board of The Greenwich International Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival and The First Time Fest.

For more information, please go to her web site: http://adriennestern.com/ @asterncasting


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